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T&D Magazine webcast "Measuring the Value of Learning” with Reuben Tozman
July 13, 2012

As a follow up to his recently published article in T&D Magazine, Reuben Tozman was the guest speaker for T&D Webcast.

Your marketing department uses a rich set of tools to see whether the online content that clients are consuming through the website have led to any sales, leads or better company performance. Isn't that what we care about too? What web analytics can show is the value derived from content on the web. Does that sounds like something L&D can use? This session explored new possibilities for measuring the impact of learning initiatives through reorienting what we look for based on value.

If you missed this session, you can view it here

Reuben Tozman's "Going Mainstream" in eLearn Magazine
February 2, 2012

L & D professionals bemoan the unenvious position of being first on the budget slashing table when businesses need to cut back. We believe in the value we can offer to our organizations and yet, regardless of everything we've worked on to prove our value we still seem to be relegated to "nice to have" when push comes to shove. The problem lies squarely on our shoulders. It is up to us to remodel and re-engineer what we do as part of core business operations.

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Reuben Tozman's article featured on
February 1, 2012

Learning and development organizations historically have borrowed models for measuring learning from an increasingly archaic education system. The learning profession today is no different—it continues to focus on metrics that provide a binary assessment of learning in the form of pass-fail, complete-incomplete, and started-in progress.

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Big Data, On Demand: Infographic
January 10, 2012

Did you know that 75% of existing data is a copy? Would you ever guess that the average employee spends 2 hours per day searching for the right information?

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Private Cloud Computing: Infographic
September 1, 2011

Did you know that 28% of IT managers are currently using cloud computing and another 30% are considering it? View more interesting statistics in our new Infographic titled "Private Cloud Computing".

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Reuben Tozman gets published!
August 31, 2011

Mr. Tozman contributed to Michael W. Allen’s new book, “Michael Allen’s 2012 e-Learning Annual”. Our Chief Learning Officer, Reuben Tozman authored a chapter titled "Why e-Learning Must Change: A Call to End Rapid Development"

Click here to read Learning Solutions Magazine's review of the book.

Reuben Tozman interviewed by Nanette Miner, Founder of the Accidental Trainer
June 3, 2011

Listen as Reuben shares why training needs change to give the learners options on how learning happens. Visit

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